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Product safety

The legal requirements for the quality of toys, articles of daily use and other consumer products have been steadily increasing in the last years.

For that reason we ensure that our products are becoming safer and more durable. Investments in product safety are continuously and significantly increased. We let checked voluntarily our products beyond the legal requirements by test companies like TÜV Rheinland. Relevant products are subjected to extensive tests according to the wide catalogue of criteria of TÜV Rheinland.


The attainment of these criteria leads to the awarding of special test marks.


  GS Logo   GS-mark for tested safety     

The German GS sign is a voluntary safety mark, which is considered beyond the borders of Germany.
The GS mark ensures that the technical requirements for the safety of a product are comply and controlled by an independent audit company. The assignment of the GS mark is regulated in the Product Safety Act and limited to a maximum of five years. All effects of the product on human health and safety must be tested.

Only 60 audit companies in Germany and Europe have received approval from the Central Office for Safety Technology (ZLS) and may issue certificates for the GS mark.

The GS testing integrates numerous product-specific national and European laws as well as regulations. In addition, decisions of the Central Office of the Federal States for Security or rather experience exchange group of the certifying testing center are taken into account.

The accredited testing laboratories also have a duty of supervision to supervise the quality assurance measures in the market and in the production facilities. For this reason, as part of the GS certification, a first inspection and recurring inspections of the production site are carried out and the goods are checked on the market.

It is confirmed that the series production of the product works and exactly corresponds to the tested sample.


TÜV Logo TÜV-Rheinland certified   

The basis for the assignment of the certification mark is the implementation of the requirements of the TÜV criteria catalogue. This list of criteria covers the basic safety requirements with regard to mechanical / physical and chemical / hygienic properties.

Of course, minimum requirements for functionality and workmanship are also taken into account. The license may be granted for a period of one year or for an unlimited time.

In the last case the certificated products are examined by regularly market supervision to verify the certification mark usage.

The TÜV Rheinland certification mark certifies a higher accuracy on the production as usual. All products are tested by the TÜV Rheinland beyond the legal guidelines and subjected to an elaborate use test. The results of the extensive tests for the certification mark are available on the TÜV Rheinland homepage with the corresponding ID.

Products with the independent test marks have a high care in the production. They guarantee the highest level of quality and safety according to the current state of knowledge and technology.

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