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Our mission:

We offer small and large people with our means-tested products and prices an effective profit. Finally our diverse range is always concentrated to the real needs of consumers. This factor is the pivotal guarantee of our business success.


Our guidelines:

Happy People Umwelt

Society & Environment


Ecologically and socially responsible action must always participate in our entrepreneurial decisions. Continuous change processes require a constant adaptation of the current aims.

hp gs



Our products must never endanger the safety of consumers. A pursuit of low prices must never be in conflict with the safety of our products.

HP Vertrauen



Mutual trust is the foundation of every relationship. We build the trust of customers in our company every day by our acting.

HP Kunden u. Lieferanten

Customers & Suppliers


Our customer and supplier relationships are characterized by a trusting, open and honest cooperation. They are not a condition, but a process that requires permanent action. Only the success of our customers and suppliers guarantees our success.




A respectful and fair interaction with each other, the willingness of our employees to change things, continuous admission of productivity, self-responsible action and short decision-making processes are the foundations of our business success.

HP Produktinnovation

Product Innovations


We promote the development of product innovation that is consistent with the needs and expectations of our customers.

HP Gewinn



Our actions are determined by cost-conscious and intelligent solutions. The resulting profit is the basis of the positive development of the company.

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